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Advertising on the internet is fast becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools available to business today. At the present time it is responsible for generating many millions of pesetas, with every indication that this turnover will increase in the future..

Banners (or publicity slogans) incorporated into Lanzarote Hotel will automatically be placed into prime advertising positions which can dramatically increase the number of 'hits' on your webpage, or simply increase public awareness of your company.

  • Banner display in the homepage: 100 € /month
  • Banner display in a secondary page: 70 € /month
  • Banner design service: 95 € static / 140 € animated

I.G.I.C. incluided

Pop-Up Windows are an effective way of advertising. They open automatically in a new window, which gets the attention of the users.

  • PoP Up Windows in the homepage: 400 €/month
  • PoP Up Window in a secondary page: 125 €/month
  • PoP Up Window design service: 95 € static, 140 € animated

I.G.I.C. incluided

If you are interested in including information about your business on Lanzarote Hotel Directory, please contact us. We are standing by to answer any queries you may have about our service.


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